Exchange student

9 Jul

The grand suite

I have used the useless gazebo poles to create a hanging bar for the curtains.

She will get the best and only northerly view out of the house, unless you include the bathroom window.

Grand suite 2The garage/bedroom is almost complete.

From the photo perspective I think the grand suite is in order except for the TV that will be delivered and set up tomorrow.
You may note the lovely doona and cover that has been donated by a kind and generous friend.
The blankets were too heavy.

I did hop under the covers to see that she would be comfortable.
The wombat on the bed is 20 years old and was purchased to take to the U.S when I had plans to live there.

Let’s get a closer look at that wombat

The Pacific Ocean

We drove around Surfers today looking for spots of interest.
OK! It’s cold at the Beach!!!!!!!
We sat on a park bench overlooking the ocean to sample “Simply Cupcakes”.

We lasted 45 seconds.

We will pack jackets and maybe a blanket next time we try that.
We plan to go to the beach regularly with our exchange daughter, even if it’s just for a walk and a treat.

It will be a while before she sees the ocean again.

We have just been informed that we will also be receiving a 10 year old Japanese boy for 3 nights.

What a cultural mix!